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and Timothy Hay

Contact Details:
Martinique Farm, Wolfscastle,
Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA62 5DY, U.K.
Pembrokeshire, SA62 5DY, U.K.
Phone/Fax: + 44 - (0)1437 - 74 17 14

Due to holidays we will be running a reduced service from the 13.of JULY to the 29.of JULY inclusive.
If you might need an order during this period urgently,
we would recommend to place your order by the 11. of July to be dispatched prior to our holidays.

Thank you!
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We grow willows in one of the most beautiful parts of Britain
- the coastal county of Pembrokeshire,
offering online supplies of willow cuttings and rods for basket weaving,
living structures like outdoor wicker furniture, domes and tunnels.
We also manufacture willow pet toys for rabbits and rodents.

The climate here is ideal for willow plants - enough moisture (simply called
"rain" by some people) all year round, intermingled with periods of
glorious sunshine and blue sky, giving the willows what they need to
grow into lovely strong rods.

Willow trees ("withies") have for a long time been part of the local flora,
as is mirrored in local place names like "Withybush".
Besides being used for baskets of different types, lobster pots were
the main product manufactured from withies in this area.

willow car
Willow car made by
Georgie Roy
Sadly, the last willow grower has given up his
business several decades ago, his willow beds long
being abandoned.
We are hoping to pick up the thread again and
once more produce willows in Pembrokeshire,
carrying on with the tradition.


Click here for
Willow Sculpture and Basketry books

Page in English / Seite auf Deutsch .

Great as a present for people
with an interest in Basket Work and Willows!

Wicker Basket Work

Inquire about commission work by
Wicker Basket Makers
or be placed on our
"Open Day Alert"

Outdoor Willow Garden Furniture

We are members of the
Basketmaker's Association of Britain
and the

Welsh Basket Makers Group.

(This site also holds the page for the WBMG,
click here if you would like some more information about the group
or for local basketry courses)

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