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Korbmacherei und Weidenbuecher
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Jon Warnes

Living Willow Sculpture

Step-by-step guide to domes, tunnels,
arbours, fences and living furniture,
with plenty of photographs and diagrams
- a brilliant book!

Paperback, 48 pages
101 colour photographs


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~£ 4.60 within Europe,
~£ 7.85 worldwide)

Living Willow Sculpture

Cultivation & Use of Basket Willow 2001

£ 5.75

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~£ 3.00 within Europe,
~£ 4.45 worldwide)

Cultivation and Use of Basket Willow 

A Guide to Growing Basket Willow

This is actually now the updated version from 2008.
The update was provided by Ben Braster, Rod Parfitt, Sheila Wynter
& Roy Youdale.

The contents includes suitable conditions for basket willow growing,
species grown, methods of cultivation, harvesting and processing,
as well as major pest and diseases and their control. It might be only 28 pages, but these are packed with useful information -
literature essential for anybody who wants to grow willows commercially.

A4 size Paperback, 28 pages
3 colour photographs

Susie Vaughan

Handmade Baskets

from Nature's Colourful Materials

It's back! This is the second editon of this book, which had been out of print for probably two years.

Do you want to find out if basketry is right for you?
Then this is the book to guide you along those first steps.
The materials can be bought or collected from hedgerows and the coloured diagrams making the instructions very easy to follow.

It will give you information about suitable materials (willows, dogwood, honeysuckle, ivy, hop and similar), their harvesting and storing and explains in detail with the help of drawings and colour photographs how to make beautiful and truly individual baskets in natural bark colours.

80 pages, 112 colour photographs

£ 9.99

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~£ 7.85 worldwide)

Handmade baskets from Nature's colourful materials

Willow Hurdle Book

£ 2.70

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~£ 2.10 within Europe,
~£ 2.65 worldwide)

Andrew Basham

How to Make Hurdles from Willow (Osier)

following an East Anglian Pattern

A little booklet which deals with only one subject -
making a basic hurdle from scratch.
It will talk you through tools needed, weaving techniques and - tips,
giving clear black & white line drawings.
If all you want to make is hurdles, than this booklet will do you nicely!

12 pages

Christopher Newsholme


The Genus Salix

A re-publication of the "Willow Bible", first published in 1992.
Descriptions of hundreds of willows of the world, ranging from A ("Salix acmophylla") to Y ("Salix yoshinoi"), with chapters on General Characteristics, Management & Cultivation, Ornamental Willows for Large Garden & Parks, Small Gardens, Rock & Sink Gardens.
Recommendable for landscape gardeners, commercial willow growers and willow enthusiasts.

224 pages
65 colour photographs, 159 line drawings

£ 15.75 (as stock lasts)

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£ 3.80 within UK,
~£ 6.10 within Europe,
~£ 10.90 worldwide)

Willows - The Genus Salix

 Das Weidenbaubuch by Marcel Kalberer - Building large structures with willow
Cover picture: The inside of a large willow structure

Mainly colour, some black & white photographs Hardback, in German, 128 pages 

£ 23.26

(+ p&p: £ 4.80 within UK,
~£ 7.00 within Europe, ~£ 12.85 worldwide)

Marcel Kalberer / Micki Remann

Das Weidenbaubuch

Due to popular demand (whenever we showed our book to a group of people there was somebody there mentioning that they really would love to buy this book...)
and due to the fact that there simply is not anything even remotely similar on the English market,
we decided to include this book into our range.

Marcel Kalberer is an architect who has found his niche in constructing large willow structures for communities,
which are shown in this book, besides smaller projects for individuals.
The results are simply astonishing and give a whole new perspective of "willow work".
The text in this book really is of secondary importance.

Gruene Kathedralen - a book of giant willow structures for communities by Marcel Kalberer and Micky Remann

Cover picture: Illuminated willow structure at night

Inspiring willow art
Back cover: Inspiring willow art

Marcel Kalberer / Micki Remann

Gruene Kathedralen
("Green Cathedrales")

This is the follow-up book, with more projects that have been built in different communities.

This book contains further exiting willow project. It is a bit more technical then the first, containing also drawings of the different planes, illustrating the dimensions of the structures in more detail.

Mainly colour, some black & white photographs

Hardback, in German
128 pages

£ 23.26

(+ p&p: £ 4.80 within UK,
~£ 7.00 within Europe,
~£12.85 worldwide)

For more information, here is a link to more
willow sculptures by Marcel Kalberer in english.

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