Salix sachalinensis "Sekka"
The Dragon or Fan Tail Willow

(Order Code C 046)

Dragon or Fan Tail Willow

Detail of Salix sachalinensis Sekka -photograph taken in September

One of our favourite willows.

Salix sachalinensis Sekka's leaves looks still fresh even in November, when all the other withies are starting to drop theirs.

Once the leaves are gone, you can admire the fasciolation (flattening and fingering out) of the rods, which curve round and can be used fresh or dried in flower arrangements.

In early February, catkins appear in abundance, glistening first as little silver spots in the sunlight, to turn first pink and then golden as they mature.

Sekka will grow to around 3-4m height, but requires space around it to grow in width. It makes a lovely feature in a garden or by the side of a pond.


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