Contorted Willow, Order Code D50


Flower Arranging

Willows, either dried or fresh,
can be used to create stunning floral displays.

You will find a selection of especially suitable types below,
but you could also look for additonal willows
on the Ornamental Willows page.

You will find more on the willow list, marked with "FL"
in the suggested use section.

The heights given are approximates of how tall the willows are growing here within one growing season and with yearly coppicing. Please note that this can vary a lot depending on the climate in any particular year.

Species / Hybrid: Clon or Common Name: Description:
A10 S. purpurea .
A good hedging willow, lovely in the
spring with reddish buds
and a mint green bark colour.
5-6 foot / 1.5-1.8 m high.
A11 S. purpurea Eugenii
Like all purpureas, has catkins very early in the spring, with a purple hue.
Good hedging variety or for use at the time of the catkins in flower arrangements.
A13 S. purpurea Dark Dicks
A dark purple red willow.
6-7 foot / 1.5 - 2.1 m high. More and photo
A25 S. purpurea Nicholsonni purpurescans
A fine leafed purpurea with light silvery
green bark and early catkins.
Nice hedging variety.
Height around 6 foot / 1.8 m.
B32 S. alba x fragilis
Flanders Red
Green in the summer, turning partly red during the grey winter months.
Height 5-7 foot / 1.5 - 2.1 m
More and photo
B35 S. alba x fragilis Golden Willow
The same type as Flanders Red, but this one develops a bright yellow in the autumn.
Height 5-7 foot / 1.5 - 2.1 m
More and photo
C38 S. melanostachys .
A slow growing willow with a low, bushy appearance.
Black catkins in late winter.
Height: around 2 foot / 60 cm.
More and photo
C42 S. daphnoides 'Continental Purple'
Bright red in the summer, dark purple in the winter. 4-6 foot / 1.2 - 1.8 m.
More and photo
S. sachalinensis
Also called "Dragon Willow" or "Dragon Tail"
due to the curled, fasciated branches.
A large, ground- hugging type,
excellent as an ornamental willow with
leaves that keep their fresh appearance
until late in the autumn or dried in floral displays.
Picture shown on top of the willow page.
D50 S. matsudana tortuosa Contorted Willow
Popular for interior design purposes
or in flower arrangements.
4-5 foot / 1.2 - 1.5 m in heigth.
D55 S.caprea x daph R77
Stunning strong purplish black rods
with red and yellow bud scales in the autumn.
6-7 foot / 1.8-2.1 m in heigth.
D56 S. purpurea Japonica

Dense growth, good hedging plant. Early purple catkins.
Light green rods with fine, light green leaves.
5-6 foot / 1.5 - 1.8 m
More and photo
D75 S. caprea Silberglanz
Striking dark near black rods with
red and yellow budscales in the autumn.
6 foot / 1.8 m.
More and photo
D81 S. semperflorens .
The leaves of this willow will stay on until
late in the year and the underside has a silvery appearance.
Has catkins late in the year.
6-7 foot / 1.8-2.1 m high.
More and photo.

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