Willow Cuttings

West Wales Willows


Orders for WILLOW CUTTINGS (10 inches / 25 cm long for willows of price group A & B)
and LIVING RODS (length depending on type of willow)
are taken between the beginning of December to the end of March.

Once harvest has started you can place your order either by email or fax
- you will find the links to the relevant pages below.

All orders will be handled on a strict "first come, first serve" basis and are subject to availability.
After receiving your order, we will check availability and get back to you.

Should you wish not to plant your willows immediately, we can keep orders that have been
paid for in cold storage until the date indicated by you for dispatch.
(Please note that to ensure maximum take-up cuttings should not be planted after the end of
March, rods not after the end of February.)

Pricing structure for the 2016/17 season:

Willows are divided in 2 price groups - A and B.
Rods will only be available from willows in price group A.

A minimum of 10 cuttings/ rods per order code applies.  

Dwarf / creeping / alpine willows: Sold as bundles of 3 cuttings - size varying.

Minimum order value of £30.00 (excluding postage)

Click here for the list of all the willows
with their price group and orderform.


Willow Cuttings:

(10 inches / 25 cm long)
Price Group A: Price Group B:
1-999 cuttings £ 0.55per cutting £ 0.70 per cutting
for orders of 1000 and more:
(this can be a combination of willows
from price groups A & B )
£ 0.42 per cutting £ 0.52 per cutting
for orders of 2000 and more: £ 0.42 + free p&p £ 0.52 + free p&p

Dwarf / Alpine / Creeping Willows:

Per 3 cuttings
(Length depending on type, in some cases this might only be a few inches):
   £ 5.50 + p&p 

Willow Cutting Collections:

Per 15 assorted cuttings (minimum of 3 different cultivars):                              £ 8.80 + p&p 

Living Willow Rods:

(Length depending on the height that a particular type of willow grows to)
up to 5 foot:
£ 0.95 per rod
5-7 foot:
£ 1.15 per rod
taller than 7 foot: £ 1.42 per rod

Discounts will be given for orders over 200 rods - please inquire.

Ground Cover:

Prices are per running meter:
We recommend that you plant your willows through one of these to keep weeds under control and ensure that your willows can grow without competition.  
All ground covers should be dug in at the edges and larger areas should be weighted down or secured with ground staples

Silage Sheet, plastic, 11 m wide:

The cheap alternative for larger projects like willow beds, where price and not aesthetics is the main consideration. Take up after the 2nd growing season.
Willows can simply be pushed through the sheet.
Silage Sheet
   £ 4.40 per running meter
  (11 m wide)

Weed Control Fabric, woven polypropylene, 2 m wide:

For projects like living willow sculptures or smaller willow beds.
onger and longer life expectancy than the Silage Sheet, small cuts are required before inserting the willows.                                                                 Should be covered with at least 5cm/2 inches of bark mulch. 
Woven Weed Control
£ 1.50 per running meter
(2 m wide)

BioMat Landscape Roll - 2m wide:  

Made from natural, sustainable & renewable hemp fibres
Will naturally biodegrade - chemical free.
Small cuts required before inserting willows.
Biomat - environmentally friendly ground cover made from hemp
   £ 8.50 per running meter
  (2 m wide)

Tubular Ties: 

 Soft, stretchable rubber ties to connect willow rods in structures likes fedges, arches etc.

3 mm diameter Tubular Tie:

We would use this for rods up to 7 foot tall.
1 m will allow for approximately 9 knots (used carefully) and you should estimate around 2.5 m per square metre of fedge.
Tubular Ties
£ 0.17 /m
5 mm diameter Tubular  Tie:

For use with rods taller than 7 foot.
1 m will allow for approximately 5 knots.
£ 0.22 / m

Carriage within mainland UK:

(Except Scottish Highlands & Islands.
Other destinations on application)
for orders up to 15 kg in weight
per each 1 kg above
+ £0.55

If you would like to estimate your shipping costs you should allow: 

for rods up to 5 foot in length: around 0.08 kg/rod for 10 cuttings from this size:   0.15 kg 
for rods between 5-7 foot long: around 0.17 kg /rod for 10 cuttings from this size:   0.2 kg
for rods over 7 foot long: around 0.33 kg/rod for 10 cuttings from this size:   0.35 kg

A minimum of 10 cuttings / rods per order code applies.
Minimum order value (excluding postage): £ 30.00.

Please do not send any money
until we have confirmed the availability of your order
- thank you!

Privacy Policy:
We will not pass any details on to third parties unless you have particularly instructed us to do so.

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