Willows and more...


Find out more about West Wales Willows.


       We supply a range of inspirational books about basic and advanced basket work in willow and other materials like rush and cane;
         living structures like willow domes, tunnels, arbours, seats, as well as enormous willow "cathedrals"; outdoor and indoor willow
         furniture, gates and trellises; booklets solely on hurdle making or on the growing of basketry willows as well as an very indepth
         book about the genus salix.

    - REQUEST PAGE for further Information, Basketry Commissions

      On this page you can place a request for commission work by accomplished basketmakers or, outside of the willow harvesting time,
        a request to be alerted when the next willow harvest takes place.


      Natural, fun and healthy toys and hay for your rabbit, guinea pig or chinchilla.

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                                - Timothy Hay Prices and Ordering

                                                - Bunny Toys & Timothy Hay Order Page

                - Customer Comments

    - Main WILLOW Page

      Browse through our supplies of willow cultivars, be inspired by their colours and various uses, find help in making your own
        living structures and in making your choice for the right willows for your conditions.

                - Planting Fedges, Archways & Tunnels

                    - Planting Tepees & Domes
                    - Building Coracles

                - Bespoke Willow Fedge, Tepee & Dome Kits

                - Willow Collections

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                - Little Guide to Willow Positioning

                                - Which Willow? Questionnaire

                - Prices of Willow Cuttings and Rods and Ordering

               - Short Rotation Coppicing Willows

               - Willows for Living Willow Sculptures and Furniture

               - Willows for Rough and Fine Basketry

               - Ornamental Willows

                -Early Nectar Providing Willows

                - Willows for Flower Arranging

                - List of Willow Cultivars

                                Salix viminalis A2

                                Salix viminalis A9

                                Salix purpurea "Dicky Meadows"

                                Salix purpurea "Dark Dicks"

                                Salix triandra "Noire de Villaine"

                                Salix purpurea "Norbury"

                                Salix alba x fragilis "Flanders Red"

                                Salix alba x fragilis "Golden Willow"

                                Salix triandra "Black Maul"

                                Salix melanostachys

                                Salix daphnoides "Continental Purple"

                                Salix nigricans

                                Salix americana

                                Salix glabra "Black Skin"

                                for more please see links from the willow list.