West Wales Willows

Short Rotation Coppicing

Willow Bed

These are willows that we recommend for Short Rotation Coppicing / Biomass Production
or as Windbreaks.
They can be harvested in a 3 or 4-year cycle.

If you require a low windbreak of 6-8 feet height or less,
please see also the sections for Ornamental / Hedging Willows and Willows for Rough Basketry.

In different positions these willows might grow in a different way
(for example not reaching the height that they reach here)
and therefore this list should be seen as a guideline only.

All heights given here refer to the heights the mature willows reach
in one growing season, having been coppiced on a yearly basis.

Species / Hybrid: Clone or Common Name: Comments:
A1 Salix dasyclados .
Suitable for high altitudes and coastal areas.
The fine rootwork makes it also suitable for river stabilisation.

Height: around 7 foot / 2.1m

A2 Salix viminalis .
Very elegant variety, with a similarity in appearance to bamboo, not suitable as a dense wind break.
Height: 8-9 foot / 2.4 - 2.7 m
A3 Salix viminalis Reifenweide Ideal for windbreaks due to its dense appearance.
Can be over crowded if grown too close together.
Height around 7 foot / 2 m.
A5 Salix viminalis Irish Rods
Height around 8-10 foot / 2.5 - 3.3 m
A8 Salix viminalis Readers Red
Nice straight rods, 10- 11 feet / 3.3 - 3.6 m tall.
A9 Salix viminalis .
This is our tallest and most vigorous willow.
After an initial slow start, they can now reach 10-12 foot /
 3.3 - 4m in one growing season.
A22 Salix triandra x vim 7515
Being a triandra cross, this clone should be able to cope better with periods of flooding than a true viminalis.
On the downside, it is not quite as tall as some of the other willows, with a height of 8-9 feet / 2.4-2.7 m.
A23 Salix vim x vim 82129
Height 7-10 feet, 2.1-3 m.
A24 Salix triandra x vim Molissima undulata Another viminalis - triandra cross, see also notes above.
Height 6-8 feet / 1.8- 2.4m
A7 Salix viminalis Longifolia
Green/Yellow bark.  Not quite as vigorous as A9 or A5 above.
D82 Salix schwerinii x aquatica .
Thick rods.
D83 Salix ? Shrubby Ex China IEA Trial

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