Salix sachalinensis Sekka Order Code C 046



West Wales Willows

Willows are a fascinating species!

Different types of willows have been used by mankind
for thousands of years and this plant still shows its benefits
in this day and age as a renewable form of energy,
to create household and garden objects
or to simply please the eye.

S. nigricans Order Code C 049
S. nigricans
Basketry Willows Noire de Chalons Order Code D 067
S. triandra
"Noire de Chalons"

We now have close to 300 different willows growing here,
most of these will be available
as cuttings or rods for the 2016/17 season .

To order them, please click on the link above or here.

PLEASE NOTE:  The willow season runs from December through to
February/March.  No orders for willows can be taken at any other time.

Our willows can be used for different purposes -
for rough and fine basket work,
for windbreaks, living & garden structures,
for short rotation coppicing for biomass/ -fuel,
for soil & river bank stabilisation,
for hedging and also simply as ornamental plants
to adorn your garden or to be used in flower arrangements.

If you would like to grow your own willows
(this link will give you a step by step guide)
we can supply you with 10 inch /25cm long cuttings
of varieties suitable for your purpose
between the months of December to March,
as well as with rods for living structures such as domes,
tunnels and the like.

Outside of these times we can supply dried willow as long as stocks last.

If you would like to have a reminder when we start the new willow harvest, send us your details by clicking here.

 Willow Trees
Twisted Willow Trees

Willow Fedge 
Here are links on how to make:
 ORDER  FORM  for our
bespoke Fedge, Tunnel, Tepee & Dome Kits.
Suitable for private or willow projects in schools,
kindergardens and other communal work.
We recommend that you check our
"Little Guide to Willow Positioning" first,
to find the right type of willow for your soil and area,
then you can find the willows that we recommend
for the different uses under their head lines.

(All willows can be identified by their unique order code -
note these down for your order.)

Alternatively, you can opt for one of our
Willow Collections
- tell us what you would like to do and we supply you
with the willows that are best for your needs.

Build your own coracle!
A coracle build
with a willow frame
(See above)
Find here our
Willow Planting
Little Guide
Willow Positioning
S. daphnoides, 'Continental Purple', Order Code C41
S. daphnoides
'Continental Purple'
(Summer Colour)

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Find information about the willows that we recommend for different purposes on these pages:

Willows for
Short Rotation Coppicing
and Windbreaks
Willows for
Living Structure
and Furniture
Willow for
Rough and Fine
(for gardens or florist supplies)
Early Nectar
Willows for

Willow Prices and Ordering
Prices and Ordering
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