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Jasper, Jade and their Timothy

Timothy Rich Hays

Pembrokeshire's Finest

Our hay is grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides
in the heart of rural Pembrokeshire, the part of south west Wales
that is surrounded by sea on 3 sides, ensuring a wonderful clean air.

We grow our Timothy in conjunction with Meadow Fescue grass and
White Clover, the clover providing natural nutrients to the soil,
while the Meadow Fescue is providing better initial ground cover,
to eliminate the need to use herbicides.

In our climate, hay can be cut twice during the summer (weather permitting).
The first cut in early summer takes place once the timothy has matured and developed its flower head and the ideal cut is before the flower head is emptied.
Because of the number of stalks that the grass has developed, the fibre content is higher than in the more leafier, immature second cut that can be taken towards the end of the summer.

 Our timothy hay drying

This year, due to the weather, we were not able to cut our fields until the middle of July.
This did not allow enough growing time for a 2nd cut and means that the 1st cut this year
is not as high in fibre and not as low in calcium as last years 1st cut.

Turning the hay After cutting the hay on a nice sunny day, it has to be turned several times a day, allowing it to dry evenly.
When after a few day it has reached just the right level of moisture content, it is then brought in from the field and stored in one of our barns, ready to be packed and dispatched to you.



Typical Analysis Results for our Timothy Hay:


Timothy Rich Hay

1st Cut

Timothy Rich Hay

2nd Cut

Not available this year
Dry Matter: 87.3 - %
Protein: 9.3 - %
Crude Fibre: 32.92 - %
Calcium: 0.26 - %
Phosphorus: 0.24 - %

Hay is a natural product and the results will vary with each field, each harvest,
depending on the time it has been cut, the weather conditions during the growing season and so on.

How do I get


This is how we started.
(These days, all our hay is packed into boxes,
which provide a great toy to rummage around in
when finished...)
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