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West Wales Willows

Salix japonica in February

If you know what you would like your willows for, but not which willows might be suitable
for your planting position and requirements (or if you simply don't feel like trawling through all the pages),
we now offer collections of cuttings.
All you need to do is to decide which collection you would like, with how many cuttings or rods in total
and to fill in our "Which Willow" -Questionnaire.
We will then aim to taylor a collection of cuttings for your individual needs.

Bright colours to cheer up dull autumn days!

Early flowering willows,
providing pollen in the early spring.

Tall growing, pliable willows
for Living Sculptures like domes, tunnels, arbours
- your imagination is the limit!

Willows suitable for soil stabilisation,
windbreaks and biomass.

The collection for the Flower Arranger -
lovely catkins, unusual shapes, intriguing bark colours!

For hedges and "fedges" -
give your boundaries a new outlook!

Basketry willows
with coloured barks.

For willow furniture
and very rough basketry.

Traditional basketry rods.

The price for each collection of 15 cuttings or rods is
£8.40 (for cuttings) or £20.00 (for rods) + p&p.
Each collection will contain at least 3 different cultivars.

Obviously the willows suitable for some collections might be overlapping or you might want to have willows
that you can later use for a small living structure preferably with bright autumn colours -
the more you describe your project, the easier it will be for us to find you the right willows!

To order any of these collections, go to the Willow Collection Order Form
(only active between December and March) or carry on to one of the pages below.
S. daphnoides 'Continental Purple', Order Code C42
S. daphnoides
(Summer Colour)

Find information about the willows that we recommend for different purposes on these pages:

Willows for
Short Rotation Coppicing
and Windbreaks
Willows for
Living Structure
and Furniture
Willow for
Rough and Fine
Early Nectar
Willows for

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Willow Prices
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